We Provide Custom Solutions For The New Crypto Economy With Our Financial Banking Apparatus

Our legal and financial professionals are actively scanning the regulatory landscape to ensure our clients are always operating correctly, while we actively assess the various components of the project to meet the demands of the current marketplace.

Token Offering

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About Defied Bank

Defied Bank is openly challenging the status quo by pushing the boundaries and bridging the gap between blockchain technologies and traditional finance. We safely navigate the pathway for standard banking services and assets to easily access an array of innovative blockchain technologies and crypto based assets. It’s important to understand the need for calculated risk in this new fintech arena that Defied takes into account when approaching this new field of technology. Disruption is at the core of what we are doing to the banking industry.

Traditional Banking

Keep our cryptocurrencies stored on our banking platform and earn rewards by staking your coins.

Access new Tokens

Access newly listed tokens with the click of a button giving Defied customers a exclusive rights.

Defied Exchange

Built on top of Uniswap, our exchange ensures access to liquid crypto markets from our secure platform.

Defied Token

Win by utilizing all the benefits of the DEFIED token with endless demand and use cases. Earn rewards right now.


Asset Solutions

As a company with international clients we have vast experience in the following: real estate, raising capital, paying distributions, private equity, infrastructure debt, drawing down or restructuring debt, venture capital, tax & legal advice, leveraged buyout and more.

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Back Office Services

To allow our clients the ability to scale their business, we take the worry out of back-office requirements. Our dedicated team can handle all back-office services such as trade management workflow, SWIFT-based settlement, maintenance of data, bookkeeping, invoice processing & management, CRM & BPO, Collateral Valuation & Monitoring, and more.

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Initial Membership Offerings

When the token offering is membership based and denominated in tokens, we can assist in proper setup and deployment from start to finish.

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Initial Liquidity Offerings

We can ensure the liquidity rapidly increases and holds strong on Uniswap, Balancer and an array of decentralize and centralized exchanges.

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Staking & Lending

Securely access smart contract solutions that ensure return on your digital assets. Our layer of custody solutions offers added security and piece of mind when you receive payments directly into your wallet.

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Technical Smart Contract Services

Immutable smart contract technical facilities that ensure your project is built and audits correct from the beginning to ensure the success of the deployment.

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Corporate Governance

Our specialists work to ensure corporate governance is properly observed to ensure the project is operating within the confines of the regulatory and legal frameworks.

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Loan Deferment

Loan Deferment

We can provide structured capital loan deferment for outstanding promissory notes. This is case by case for projects with strong Intellectual property and the ability to exude strong project progression.

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Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgivness

We can forgive loans on projects and protocols that have met capital rates with the Defied bank and met milestones and objectives promulgated on the roadmap over some time.

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Defied Bank Token Economics

How does it work?

Token A: Tokeneconomics                                       Symbol: DEFIED

Tokeneconomics: 150,000,000

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